A Market Umbrella is perfect for groups of up to 8 and is one of the best ways to enjoy your day at the DMD Nhill Cup.

Featuring a 4-metre Market Umbrella, a large garden table and 8 garden chairs, the Market Umbrella offers racegoers the perfect value-for-money option at the races.


Why a Market Umbrella you ask?

Situated close to the Winning Post, basked in country sunshine but with enough shade to keep your group comfortable, a Market Umbrella keeps you close to the action and live entertainment at an affordable price!

It's a cost-effective way to have a comfortable, fun and enjoyable day at the races, and with the option of bringing in your own food and non-alcoholic beverages, our Market Umbrella is a winner for families and groups alike.

Available Ticket / Package

Umbrella Package | DMD Nhill Cup
Nhill Racecourse.